Verdens landes BNP

Verdens landes BNP er en liste over verdens landes økonomier, sorteret efter deres bruttonationalprodukt efter markedets eller regeringens officielle valutakurser i US-dollar. Listen er lavet i 2008 af den Internationale Valutafond, beløbene er anslået for 2008.

PlaceringStat2008 BNP (nominelt)
millioner US-dollar
Verden Verden60.689.812
Den Europæiske Union EU18.394.115[1]
1USA USA14.264.600
2Japan Japan4.923.761
3Kina Folkerepublikken Kina4.401.614h
4Tyskland Tyskland3.667.513
5Frankrig Frankrig2.865.737
6Storbritannien Storbritannien2.674.085
7Italien Italien2.313.893
8Rusland Rusland1.676.586
9Spanien Spanien1.611.767
10Brasilien Brasilien1.572.839
11Canada Canada1.510.957
12Indien Indien1.209.686
13Mexico Mexico1.088.128
14Australien Australien1.010.699
15Sydkorea Sydkorea947.010
16Holland Holland868.940
17Tyrkiet Tyrkiet729.443
18Polen Polen525.735
19Indonesien Indonesien511.765
20Belgien Belgien506.392
21Schweiz Schweiz492.595
22Sverige Sverige484.550
23Saudi-Arabien Saudi-Arabien481.631
24Norge Norge456.226
25Østrig Østrig415.321
26Republikken Kina Republikken Kina392.552i
27Grækenland Grækenland357.549
28Iran Iran344.820
29Danmark Danmark342.925
30Argentina Argentina326.474
31Venezuela Venezuela319.443
32Sydafrika Sydafrika277.188
33Finland Finland273.980
34Irland Irland273.328
35Thailand Thailand273.248
36Forenede Arabiske Emirater Forenede Arabiske Emirater260.141
37Portugal Portugal244.492
38Colombia Colombia240.654
39Malaysia Malaysia222.219
40Tjekkiet Tjekkiet217.077
Hongkong Hong Kong215.559
41Nigeria Nigeria214.403
42Israel Israel201.761
43Rumænien Rumænien199.673
44Singapore Singapore181.939
45Ukraine Ukraine179.725
46Chile Chile169.573
47Filippinerne Filippinerne168.580
48Pakistan Pakistan167.640
49Egypten Egypten162.164
50Algeriet Algeriet159.669
51Kuwait Kuwait158.089
52Ungarn Ungarn156.284
53Kasakhstan Kasakhstan132.229
54New Zealand New Zealand128.492
55Peru Peru127.598
56Qatar Qatar102.302
57Libyen Libyen100.071
58Slovakiet Slovakiet95.404
59Irak Irak90.907
60Vietnam Vietnam89.829
61Marokko Marokko86.394
62Angola Angola83.384
63Bangladesh Bangladesh81.938
64Kroatien Kroatien69.332
65Hviderusland Hviderusland60.288
66Sudan Sudan57.911
67Luxembourg Luxembourg54.973
68Syrien Syrien54.803
69Slovenien Slovenien54.639
70Oman Oman52.584
71Ecuador Ecuador52.572
72Bulgarien Bulgarien51.989
73Serbien Serbien50.061
74Litauen Litauen47.304
75Aserbajdsjan Aserbajdsjan46.378
76Dominikanske Republik Dominikanske Republik45.597
77Tunesien Tunesien40.348
78Sri Lanka Sri Lanka39.604
79Guatemala Guatemala38.956
80Letland Letland34.054
81Uruguay Uruguay32.262
82Kenya Kenya30.236
83Costa Rica Costa Rica29.828
84Libanon Libanon28.939
85Usbekistan Usbekistan27.918
86Burma Myanmar27.182
87Yemen Yemen27.151
88Etiopien Etiopien25.658
89Cypern Cypern24.943
90Trinidad og Tobago Trinidad og Tobago24.806
91Cameroun Cameroun23.243
92Elfenbenskysten Elfenbenskysten23.508
93Estland Estland23.232
94Panama Panama23.088
95El Salvador El Salvador22.115
96Bahrain Bahrain21.236
97Tanzania Tanzania20.721
98Jordan Jordan20.030
99Bosnien-Hercegovina Bosnien-Hercegovina18.469
100Ækvatorialguinea Ækvatorialguinea18.525
101Island Island17.549
102Bolivia Bolivia17.413
103Ghana Ghana16.124
104Paraguay Paraguay16.006
105Brunei Brunei14.553
106Uganda Uganda14.529
107Gabon Gabon14.519
108Jamaica Jamaica14.397
109Senegal Senegal13.350
110Zambia Zambia14.323
111Honduras Honduras14.126
112Botswana Botswana13.461
113Albanien Albanien12.964
114Georgien Georgien12.870
115Nepal Nepal12.698
116Afghanistan Afghanistan12.061
117Armenien Armenien11.928
118Republikken Congo Republikken Congo11.589
119Cambodja Cambodja11.182
120Demokratiske Republik Congo Demokratiske Republik Congo10.774
121Mozambique Mozambique9.654
122Madagaskar Madagaskar9.254
123Nordmakedonien Makedonien9.569
124Mali Mali8.783
125Mauritius Mauritius8.738
126Namibia Namibia8.456
127Tchad Chad8.390
128Malta Malta8.338
129Burkina Faso Burkina Faso8.103
130Papua Ny Guinea Papua Ny Guinea8.092
131Bahamas Bahamas7.463
132Haiti Haiti6.952
133Benin Benin6.940
134Nicaragua Nicaragua6.350
135Moldova Moldova6.124
136Niger Niger5.379
137Laos Laos5.260
138Mongoliet Mongoliet5.258
139Tadsjikistan Tadsjikistan5.135
140Kirgisistan Kirgisistan5.049
141Montenegro Montenegro4.822
142Guinea Guinea4.542
143Rwanda Rwanda4.459
144Malawi Malawi4.268
145Barbados Barbados3.682
146Fiji Fiji3.590
147Mauretanien Mauretanien3.161
148Togo Togo2.890
149Swaziland Swaziland2.843
150Surinam Surinam2.415
151Centralafrikanske Republik Centralafrikanske Republik1.997
152Sierra Leone Sierra Leone1.955
153Kap Verde Kap Verde1.723
154Lesotho Lesotho1.620
155Eritrea Eritrea1.476
156Belize Belize1.381
157Bhutan Bhutan1.368
158Maldiverne Maldiverne1.259
159Antigua og Barbuda Antigua og Barbuda1.256
160Guyana Guyana1.130
161Burundi Burundi1.097
162Saint Lucia Saint Lucia1.025
163Djibouti Djibouti982
164Liberia Liberia836
165Seychellerne Seychellerne834
166Gambia Gambia808
167Grenada Grenada639
168Saint Vincent og Grenadinerne Saint Vincent og Grenadinerne601
169Saint Kitts og Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis555
170Vanuatu Vanuatu573
171Samoa Samoa537
172Comorerne Comorerne532
173Østtimor Østtimor499
174Salomonøerne Salomonøerne473
175Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau461
176Dominica Dominica364
177Tonga Tonga258
178São Tomé og Príncipe São Tomé og Príncipe176
179Kiribati Kiribati137


  • a. Herunder de franske oversøiske besiddelser Guadeloupe, Martinique, Fransk Guiana og Réunion.
  • b. Oplysningerne gælder kun Tanzanias fastland.
  • c. Oplysningerne indeholder ikke handel med opium.

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  1. ^ "Nominal 2008 GDP for the world and the European Union". World economic outlook database, April 2009. International Monetary Fund. Hentet 22. april 2009. 

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The CoE and EU are distinct in membership and nature. The CoE is a 47-member international organisation dealing with human rights and rule of law, while the EU is a quasi-federal union of 27 states focused on economic integration and political cooperation. Today, the flag is mostly associated with the latter.

It was the intention of the CoE that the flag should come to represent Europe as a whole, and since its adoption the membership of the CoE covers nearly the entire continent. This is why the EU adopted the same flag. The flag has been used to represent Europe in sporting events and as a pro-democracy banner outside the Union.
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Used color: National flag | South African Government and Pantone Color Picker

     grøn rendered as RGB 000 119 073Pantone 3415 C
     gul rendered as RGB 255 184 028Pantone 1235 C
     rød rendered as RGB 224 060 049Pantone 179 C
     blå rendered as RGB 000 020 137Pantone Reflex Blue C
     hvid rendered as RGB 255 255 255
     sort rendered as RGB 000 000 000
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The national flag of Kingdom of Thailand since September 2017; there are total of 3 colours:
  • Red represents the blood spilt to protect Thailand’s independence and often more simply described as representing the nation.
  • White represents the religion of Buddhism, the predominant religion of the nation
  • Blue represents the monarchy of the nation, which is recognised as the centre of Thai hearts.
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Flag of Portugal, created by Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro (1857–1929), officially adopted by Portuguese government in June 30th 1911 (in use since about November 1910). Color shades matching the RGB values officially reccomended here. (PMS values should be used for direct ink or textile; CMYK for 4-color offset printing on paper; this is an image for screen display, RGB should be used.)
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Det er let at give dette billede en kant
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"The construction sheet for the coat of arms and flag of the Republic of Slovenia
is issued in the Official Gazette Uradni list Republike Slovenije #67, 27 October 1994
as the addendum to the Law on the coat of arms and flag."
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The flag of the Dominican Republic has a centered white cross that extends to the edges. This emblem is similar to the flag design and shows a bible, a cross of gold and 6 Dominican flags. There are branches of olive and palm around the shield and above on the ribbon is the motto "Dios,Patria!, Libertad" ("God, Country, Freedom") and to amiable freedom. The blue is said to stand for liberty, red for the fire and blood of the independence struggle and the white cross symbolized that God has not forgotten his people. "Republica Dominicana". The Dominican flag was designed by Juan Pablo Duarte, father of the national Independence of Dominican Republic. The first dominican flag was sewn by a young lady named Concepción Bona, who lived across the street of El Baluarte, monument where the patriots gathered to fight for the independence, the night of February 27th, 1844. Concepción Bona was helped by her first cousin María de Jesús Pina.
Flag of Costa Rica (state).svg
Flag constructed according [1]; using non-traced, pure SVG coat of arms obtained from Image:Coat of arms of Costa Rica.svg, xrmap flag collection 2.9. The emblem is very important it signifies different places and things in Costa Rica.
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Flag of Ethiopia
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Trinidad og Tobagos flag
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Flag of the Ivory Coast, written by Jon Harald Søby, modified by Zscout370. The colors match to what is reported at
Flag of Côte d'Ivoire.svg
Flag of the Ivory Coast, written by Jon Harald Søby, modified by Zscout370. The colors match to what is reported at
Flag of Jamaica.svg
Flag of Jamaica. “The sunshine, the land is green, and the people are strong and bold” is the symbolism of the colours of the flag. GOLD represents the natural wealth and beauty of sunlight; GREEN represents hope and agricultural resources; BLACK represents the strength and creativity of the people. The original symbolism, however, was "Hardships there are, but the land is green, and the sun shineth", where BLACK represented the hardships being faced.
Flag of Senegal.svg
Flag of Senegal
Flag of Albania.svg
Flag of Albania
Flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.svg
The national flag of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Created according to the 2006 constitution : Son emblème est le drapeau bleu ciel, orné d’une étoile jaune dans le coin supérieur gauche et traversé en biais d’une bande rouge finement encadrée de jaune. (Its symbol is a sky blue flag, decorated with a yellow star in the upper left corner and crossed in the diagonal by a red strip with thin yellow borders) It seems to be identical, except for a lighter field hue, to the 1966–1971 flag.
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Flag of Namibia
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Montenegros flag (i brug den 13. juli 2004).
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Flag of Rwanda. The flag ratio is 2:3 with the stripes being 2:1:1. Colors are the following officially: Pantone 299 C 2X (blue), RAL 6029 (green), RAL 1023 (yellow) and RAL 1003 (golden yellow). (As of 03/08/2010, the only color used is the Pantone 299 C, which is from here. The rest of the colors are RAL shades from here.)
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Flag of Mauritania, adopted in 2017. The National Assembly added red stripes to the top and bottom edges to represent “the blood shed by the martyrs of independence”.
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State flag of Bolivia, from the xrmap flag collection 2.9.
Flag of Haiti.svg
The national and official state flag of Haiti; arms obtained from The civil flag can be found at here.
Flag of Dominica.svg
Forfatter/Opretter: See File history below for details., Licens: CC0
The Flag of Dominica.
Flag of the United Arab Republic (1958–1971).svg
Flag of Egypt (1958-1972) and flag of Syria (1958-1961) in the United Arab Republic. It also became the official flag of Syria since 1980.
Flag of Honduras (2008 Olympics).svg
Flag of Honduras as displayed in the 2008 Summer Olympics.
World Map Icon.svg
Icon for maps. Based on , and .
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Flag of Laos
Flag of Brunei.svg
Forfatter/Opretter: Nightstallion, Licens: CC0
Bruneis flag
Flag of Maldives.svg
Flag of Maldives. The colours used are Pantone 186 C for red and Pantone 348 C for green.
Flag of Fiji.svg
Forfatter/Opretter: unknown, Licens: CC0
Flag of Papua New Guinea.svg
Flag of Papua New Guinea
Colours: Pantone 186 C for red and 116 C for yellow